June 25 - 29 2018

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International Conference on Laser Filamentation
UniGE Bastion, Geneva
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We have the pleasure to announce that the next International Conference on Laser Filamentation, COFIL 2018, will take place in Geneva (Switzerland), June 25 - 29 2018

COFIL 2018 is the 7th of a very successful series of biennial conferences bringing together scientists working in the field of ultrashort and intense laser filamentation and its applications. The conference also attracts scientists from other fields interested in discussing the present status and future perspectives of this topic.

This event will take place a few steps from old town Geneva, at the historic building of the University of Geneva, founded by Jean Calvin in 1559, located in the famous Parc des Bastion.

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Scientific topics

Theoretical advances on filamentation
Self-focusing and collapse
Filamentation in various media
Supercontinuum generation and pulse compression
Filamentation control
Terahertz science with filaments
Strong field – matter interactions
Filament-based spectroscopy and lasing
Atmospheric applications and weather control (CLWC)
Laser machining and industrial applications with filaments
Ultrashort laser technologies and new high intensity mid-IR sources
Mid-IR filamentation

Important dates

Until March 30th, 2018
Abstract Submission
April 30th, 2018
Notification of Paper Acceptance
Until June 1st, 2018
Online Registration
June 25th -29th, 2018
Regular Sessions of COFIL 2018

How to get there

Rue De-Candolle 5
1211 Genève 4
Google link

From the airport
Bus 5 – direction “Thônex-Vallard”
stop at “gare Cornavin”

then tramway 15 – direction “Palettes”
stop at “Cirque” or “Plainpalais”

From the main station “gare Cornavin”
tramway 15 – direction “Palettes”
stop at “Cirque” or “Plainpalais”

Where to park the car?
Parking David Dufour, entry from “rue Balmat”
Parking de Plainpalais, entry from “avenue du Mail”

Sponsors & Partners
Event People


Jean-Pierre WolfChairman

Univ. Geneva, Switzerland
Group Leader

Group website
Jérome KasparianChairman

Univ. Geneva, Switzerland
Group Leader

Group website
Program Committee

See Leang Chin (Laval University, Canada)
André Mysyrowicz (ENSTA, Palaiseau, France)
Stelios Tzortzakis (IESL-FORTH, Greece)
Jerome V. Moloney (University of Arizona, USA)
Zhizhan Xu (SIOM, CAS, China)
Ruxin Li (SIOM, CAS, China)
Francis Théberge (DRDC-Valcartier, Canada)
Réal Vallée (COPL, Laval University, Canada)
Jerome Kasparian (Univ. Geneva, Switzerland)
Jean-Pierre Wolf (Univ. Geneva, Switzerland)

Invited Speakers
A. Bandrauk
A. Couairon
A. Houard
A. Ionin
A. Jaron-Becker
A. Mysyrowicz
A. Zigler
A. Baltuska
A. Gaeta
A. Zheltikov
C. Guo
D. Faccio
D. Gordon
D. Kartashov
A. Dubietis
F. Courvoisier
F. Theberge
F. Legare
G. Steinmeyer
H. Milchberg
Heping Zeng
J. Moloney
JC. Diels
JJ. Ju
KY. Kim
L. Berge
M. Clerici
M. Ivanov
M. Kolesik
M. Richardson
O. Kosareva
O. Smirnova
P. Bejot
P. Polynkin
R. Boyd
Ruxin Li
S. Koch
S. Tzortzakis
S. Tochitsky
SL. Chin
T. Suzuki
Tiejun Wang
Weiwei Liu
Yi Liu
JP. Wolf
JC. Kieffer

Submit your paper here30 march deadlineAsk either for a Talk or a PosterAcceptance notification by april 30th, 2018

Registration is open to all members of the scientific and technical community. Authors must obtain approval to have their paper reviewed by and presented to an international audience. During the online submission, the person registering the paper needs to tick a box to confirm that all authors of the submitted paper agree to include the contribution in the conference programme and on line digest.

Choosing the ‘Talk’ option will mean that your submission is automatically submitted as an oral contribution to the refereeing process. However, the programme committee can decide to affect it as a poster.

The option “Invited Talk” is only authorized for the pre-invited presenters. Do not choose this option unless you were explicitly formerly pre-invited to present an invited talk at the Conference.

Please follow the following template for your submission:
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